Politeness, good manners, common decency are all part of Judo. All students of Judo are expected to train themselves in Judo Etiquette and make it part of their Judo. In doing so a student will eventually understand the principle and spirit of Judo.

The following should be observed

  • Respect your Sensei (Teacher)
  • Respect all belt levels
  • Be quiet in the Dojo
  • No "horseplay" on the Dojo
  • Keep your body clean
  • Keep your finger and toe-nails short
  • Frequently wash your Judogi
  • Never use Judo techniques outside of the Dojo
  • Be courteous to your opponent at all times
  • On entering a Dojo one should always bow
  • When stepping onto or off a Tatami, one should bow
  • Before and after a practice one should bow to their partner
  • Spitting and pulling hair in not allowed on the Dojo
  • No sharp objects are to be worn in the Dojo (jewelery, watches, hair appliances)
  • Before opening or closing of any class session, all students and instructors shall take their proper positions on the mat area.