Top exercises we like to use at the Atlantic Training Center. These exercises are a good warmup at the start of class.

Stretching - This will typically be the first thing to do during warmup. It will include stretching the arms, legs, neck, hands, shoulders, back etc.

Shoulder Roll Left/Right - A forward roll using your shoulder. Small kids or beginners will normally do this roll on their knees. The roll may also end with a slapping of the map technique.

Backward Roll - Starting from a crouched down position, rolling backwards and winding up in a standing position.

Break Falls - Before you learn how to throw you will be taught how to fall. This will include rear, rolling and side break falls.

Cartwheel - Is the movement where one moves sideways in a straight line keeping the back straight placing the hand of the same side on the ground followed by the other hand as the legs are passed over the body and then come down as the hands and body come up to a standing up position.

Round Offs - In a round-off, you start off with a cartwheel and land with your two feet together on the ground, facing the direction you arrived from.

Monkey Flip - Start off with a cartwheel, a flip and then landing standing up facing forward on both feet. This one is harder to master but the kids really like trying this one.

Jumping Jack - Jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides.

Running - This includes running forward, backward, crossovers and picking up the change.

Army Crawl - Crawling from one end of the Dojo to the other using hands and feet.

Crawl with only using hands - Pulling yourself from one end of the Dojo to the other with only using your hands.(no feet pushing allowed)