Top games we like to play at the Atlantic Training Center. These games teach physical skills used in judo.

British Bulldog - All Judoka's wil be located at one end of the Dojo. Two or three Judoka's will be selected to be the Bulldogs. Judoka's will need to move on all fours to the other end of the Dojo without getting caught by the Bulldogs. The bulldogs will try and catch a Judoka and hold them down for ten secounds. If they do that Judoka will become a Bulldog.

Jump over the Belt - All Judoka's will form a large circle in the center of the Dojo. The Sensei will spin in a circle with a judo belt. As the Sensei spins, Judoka's must jump over the belt when it reaches them otherwise they are eliminated. Last one standing wins. To make it more challenging, the speed of the belt and the height off of the dojo can change.

Carry the Bride - Judoka's must carry another Judoka around on the dojo. (Piggyback or arms)

Chicken Fight on one leg - Four Judo belts are layed on the Dojo in a circle. Tow Judoka's will stand in the circle holding one of their legs up behind them. Judoka's must hold their leg while trying to knock there opponent out of the circle by bumping into them.

Crab Fight - All the Judoka's get in the crab position (hands and feet on the ground and legs in front of them). Everyone tries to use their hands and feet to knock down the other players. Any person who touches the mat with any part of the body is out. You can even work in groups doing this.

Roster tail Randori - This is similar to flag football. Two opponents have Judo belts tucked into their belts in the back. The goal is to pull the opponent's belt without getting yours pulled out.

Tag - Judoka's will try to avoid being tagged by preselected Judoka's. If you are tagged, the only way to be set free is have someone who has not been tagged crawl under your legs.

Sweep the feet - Have several Judoka's link hands in a circle. Each tries to sweep the feet out from the other (everyone at once). If a person falls down they sit out, and the rest continue until there is only one left.